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Above Fig. 1: Windscale/Sellafield towers stand over Magnox(1) reactors built in the 1950s, where Plutonium for nuclear weapons was generated. When the ten-year-old reprocessing facility is closed, 100 tons of radioactive Plutonium must be stored.  (Source: Macalister, T., Guardian, Feb. 15, 2009.)

“The decision to drop two atomic bombs [on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945] was made by one man – Colonel Henry Stimson(25) – a Wall Street banker with ties to Churchill and the City of London bankers. It’s always the international bankers who are engineering these horrific wars and the development of ever more horrific technologies of war.”   ~ Leuren Moret

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The above photo was taken in the Emperor’s garden, Tokyo.

By Leuren Moret

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“The UK discharges more radioactivity into the sea than any other nation. As the Ministry of Agriculture confirmed to us, Sellafield is the largest recorded source of radioactive  discharge in the world. The anxiety and controversy which this arouses in the UK is well known. It also creates anxiety in the other nations. We found, for example, that the Swedes could identify radioactive traces in fish off their coast being largely attributable to Sellafield, greater even than the contamination from adjacent Swedish nuclear power stations. Similar experiences were reported to us by the Isle of Man government. That the UK, with a comparatively small nuclear industry, should be so dramatically out of step is a cause for concern.” Source: House of Commons Environment Select Committee, February 1986

The year 1986 ended with a statement by the Secretary of State for the Environment, in response to a question in the House of Commons, to the effect that the Dáil [Commons] of the Irish Parliament had, on December 3, 1986, passed a resolution calling for the closure of Sellafield.(2)

“On February 17, 2009, twenty-three years later, the Guardian newspaper in Britain referring to the reprocessing facility, announced ’10-year-old Sellafield plant may be closed,’ ringing the death knell for Windscale/Sellafield.”(3)

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Above Fig. 2: “Location of Cumbria, the district in Britain where the
Sellafield Nuclear Reprocessing Plant is located.”  

“During my visit to England in October 2003, a nationwide recall of radioactive salmon and venison in stores throughout England, Wales, and Scotland occurred. Despite living in the San Francisco Bay area, one of the most radioactively contaminated areas in the U.S., I was unprepared for the implications in the British Isles of radioactive food recalls but soon learned it was far worse than just “a few fish and fowl.”

“Sellafield, the British Nuclear Fuels-owned reprocessing facility in Cumbria, is responsible for Tc-99 [Technetium-99] found in lobsters, seaweed and cod off the coast. Tc-99 from the facility has been washed as far as Norway, which has one of the largest salmon industries in the world.”(4)

Sea animals in the Irish Sea are contaminated with radiation from Sellafield, with levels of Technetium 99 reported in some lobsters to be 40 times higher than the EU Food Intervention Level.(7) The genetic effects, have been reported by fishermen, who find sea life with mutations in their traps [Fig. 3-4].

Pic 4. [Fig 3] Octypus2

Above Fig. 3: “Octopus from the Irish Sea near Sellafield with only 6 legs, a rare mutation making it a ‘hexapus.’ Henry now lives at the Blackpool Sea Life Center in a new exhibit called ‘Suckers'”  Source: BBC, March 6, 2008.(5)

Pic 5. [Fig 4] 38183731_crab3001

Above Fig. 4: “A crab named ‘Clarissa’ at the Anglesey Sea Zoo, with a mutation expressed as two claws on one leg, found in a crab pot in the Irish Sea near Sellafield.”  Source: BBC, August 7, 2002.(6)


The daily “permitted” radioactive emissions and discharges into the Irish Sea since the 1950’s, have turned the contaminated sediments, seawater, and biosphere into a radioactive sink or permanent point source of radiation, with serious local and global effects. Daily “permitted” radioactive emissions and discharges from global sources have accumulated to higher radiation levels in the biosphere than many Chernobyls would release, and are the main cause of the large increase in ocean dead zones since the 1970’s. People are missing or overlooking the serious impact of chronic releases. Politics and activism have been misdirected to focus on nuclear fuel in pools, nuclear waste storage, and accidents like Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, a strategy guaranteed to continue to fail.

.Intense international efforts must be refocused to end daily “permitted” radioactive emissions and dumping of nuclear materials into the biosphere. Chronic exposure of biological systems to low-level radiation is the most serious impact now damaging the biosphere, especially on a daily basis.

.Ending the generation and dumping of new nuclear waste will stop the ongoing undeclared and invisible global nuclear war, and allow the earth to heal itself. Recovery from nuclear pollution was demonstrated to happen very quickly after the 1963 Partial Test Ban Treaty went into effect. During four years of large bomb tests from 1957-1963, radioactive pollution caused a 50% decline in fishing catch in the North Atlantic and 65% in the Pacific.(9) Four years after the halt of testing in 1963 by the US, UK, and Soviet Union, the Atlantic fishing catch had over-recovered to more than twice the pre-1957 levels before the dramatic decline. The Pacific fishing catch never recovered due to continued testing, until 1994 by other nuclear states, and the startup of nuclear power replacing bomb test radioactive pollution.

The rapid recovery of a biological population when the stressor is removed, demonstrated by the over recovery of the Atlantic fishing catch in less than five years, is important evidence that life can go on once the radioactive releases stop.


Not only did Windscale/Sellafield radioactive emissions contaminate the Irish Sea, all of England, Scotland, the Scandinavian fisheries, and the Arctic, but the radiation was carried on ocean currents to India.

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Estimated to be 60 times stronger than the combined force of all the world’s rivers, the “Great Conveyor Belt” distributes heat around the globe and plays an important role in regulating Earth’s climate (Wallace Broecker).  Source: “Achieving Sustainable Development in the 21st Century,” the Earth Institute at Columbia University (2007), p.27.

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar, an Indian electrical engineer and expert on nuclear power, has presented statistical evidence that reveals nuclear pollution from Sellafield was carried by ocean currents to India.(10) Whenever the Windscale/Sellafield accident occurrences and peak releases were taking place in 1957, 1971-1978, and 1983-1984, Indian infant mortality rates increased (Fig. 5), just as Indian infant mortality rates increased in response to atmospheric tests (1949-1963) and the Chernobyl accident in 1986.(12)

Pic 7. India-IM2-600x438

Above: Fig. 5: Pre-nuclear age (1911-1945) and Nuclear Age (1945-1999) infant mortality rates in India. Prior to 1945, infant mortality was steadily declining due to clean water, better health-care, and education (1918 peak due to Spanish influenza epidemic). After 1945, infant mortality rose and fell with nuclear pollution levels. (Source: Kumar, R.A., (2007), Fig. 1.) (8)

Kumar reported that Indian infant mortality rates increased in the first year or two after large releases occurred at Windscale/Sellafield, and then decreased towards the end of the year. This was due to exposure of young babies to environmental radiation after they were born. In the second year, large increases in the rate of stillbirths occurred, replacing the decrease in infant mortality after the first year. Increases in stillborn rates were caused by radiation exposure weakening the mothers, and exposure of new fetuses conceived after releases occurred. Kumar also reported a 36.5% decline in fertility in India since 1971, a well-known effect of exposure to radiation.(13)

“It is perhaps a reasonable theory to propound that all efforts at providing good health care to the mother and the infant proved futile against the surge wave of Strontium-90 damage to the bone marrow by inhuman cold war hydrogen bombs exploded in the atmosphere with impunity by the nuclearisers, sublime in the knowledge that these infant mortalities would be perfect murders.” Andrei Sakharov, Memoirs (1992), Vintage. Andrei Sakharov, Memoirs (1992), Vintage.

Kumar’s data estimates that approximately 30 million Indian babies have died or were stillborn from 1950-2008, as a result of exposure to atmospheric testing, Chernobyl, and Sellafield radioactive emissions.(14) This is not surprising considering that Dr. L. J. LeVann’s research in 1963, on Canadian babies exposed to ionizing radiation from Russian Arctic bomb tests, found that:

“…a single radioactive atom is 10-100 million times more toxic to developmental stages of multicellular organisms than the most potent teratogenic substances.”(18)

Dr. L.J. LeVann, Superintendent of the Provincial Training School and later Alberta School hospital, 1963.

H.J. Muller’s Nobel prize-winning research on the mutagenic effects of ionizing radiation, which he began before 1920, proved that DNA damage in the egg or sperm is expressed in every cell and in all future generations of the offspring carrying the damaged DNA.(19)
Using pre-1945 mortality rates, Kumar calculated that 20 million cases of Indian infant mortalities and stillbirths should have occurred due to Windscale/Sellafield radiation exposure alone since 1950. But the actual death rate was 25% lower than the 20 million expected, due to cell repair in some developing fetuses that survived.(20) Cell repair does not mean that cells and/or DNA is normal after repair in babies that survive. Low birth-weight in newborns is frequently caused by radiation exposure before birth. Life-time health records of babies born at the beginning of the 20th century show that birth-weight is closely linked to health in later life.

Therefore an increase in congenital malformations (Figs. 6-8), and weak babies with delayed health problems (diabetes, autism, learning disabilities, low birth-weight, cancer) can be expected in Indian newborns since 1945.

“Cyclops” Defect: Researchers have discovered that a mutation of the TG interacting factor (TGIF) gene causes Holoprosencephaly, a devastating birth defect in which the fetus’ brain does not divide into lobes and severe brain, skull and facial deformities result. Babies born with this condition usually have only one eye [Cyclopia].(21)

The Indian government has reported 500,000 babies born each year with congenital abnormalities.(22) That does not account for the babies that die in the first three months of pregnancy, which may be as high as 50% of pregnancies today.

Pic 8. lakshmiBARCROFT_468x4741

Above Fig. 6: A very rare birth defect (1/50,000-200,000 births), the “conjoined parasitic twin” stopped developing in the womb. Parasitic twins are very rareand make up only about 10% of conjoined twin births. Source: D. Kilallea, Daily Mail, April 9, 2008.(11)

PIC 9 [Fig 7] cyclops1

Fig. 7: Baby born in India with Cyclopia, a “Cyclops” or single eye in the middle of the forehead which occurs in 1/100,000 births,(15) indicative of brain and other developmental defects. Formation of the eyes and brain begin during the first week of embryonic development.(16)  Source: Carney, S., Wired, August 10, 2006.(17)

PIC 10 [Fig 8] babyMOS1503_468x306

Above Fig. 8: Lali Singh, a baby born in India with diprosopus or two faces on the same head. It usually occurs with other congenital disorders, particularly anencephaly, neural tube defect and cardiac malformations. Source: USA Today, April 9, 2008.(23)

Radioactive discharges are the perfect holocaust for Indian excess infant mortalities, stillbirths, and mortality in 0-5 year olds. The infant mortality rate of course controls population growth.
“Vareva! Now we have the Nuke Deal to be perhaps making the way clear for another bout of irreversible crimes against life by initiating a programme of nuclear energy in India and elsewhere.”

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar, “India Infant Mortality and Nuclear Tests,” 2007.


The the radioactive primary byproduct of WW II and the “miracle” of the Nuclear Age, was the gift in future years of increasingly horrific “Zionist science” – the creation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) to benefit the International Financiers in the City of London and Wall Street.(24)

“The decision to drop two atomic bombs [on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945] was made by one man – Colonel Henry Stimson(25) – a Wall Street banker with ties to Churchill and the City of London bankers. It’s always the international bankers who are engineering these horrific wars and the development of ever more horrific technologies of war.”
Leuren Moret, interview for Press TV,
October 25, 2007.(26)

In 1953 Dr. Edward Teller appeared before the US Congressional Joint Committee on Atomic Energy (JCAE). Teller headed the US A.E.C.’s [Atomic Energy Commission] Reactor Safeguards Committee, established in 1947, and candidly admitted that:

“…up to the present time we have been extremely fortunate in that accidents in nuclear reactors have not caused any fatalities. With expanding application of nuclear reaction, and nuclear power, it cannot be expected that this unbroken record will be maintained. No legislation will be able to stop future accidents and avoid completely occasional loss of life. It is my opinion, that the unavoidable danger which must remain after all reasonable controls have been employed must not stand in the way of rapid development of nuclear power.”(27)

Despite knowing the dangers of nuclear power and nuclear waste, scientific insiders kept quiet and transferred the secrecy of the atomic bomb project during WW II to the nuclear power project. They believed it was unacceptable for private doubts to interfere with the development of the nuclear power project promoted by President Eisenhower as “atoms for peace.”

Dr James Conant, Chair of the S-1 Poison Gas Committee under the Manhattan Project, and the father and co-creator of depleted uranium poison gas weapons in the 1940s, became President of both the American Chemical Society and Harvard University. In 1952 Conant predicted that atomic power would flounder because of the virtually insoluble problem of radioactive waste disposal.(28)

This prophetic statement today has become reality, “France’s Nuke Power Poster Child has a Money Melt-Down.”

.Ironically, Conant found nuclear waste useful in terms of its effectiveness as a poison gas weapon – introduced in the first Gulf War in 1991. The US now has 1 million medically disabled soldiers since the introduction of depleted uranium weapons to the battlefield in 1991. That is, 1 million medically disabled soldiers out of 1.7 million deployed, or more than 55%.

The Rockefellers own and control nuclear power in the US, and have vast uranium holdings. James Conant and Edward Teller were both “Rockefeller contractors” and Zionist scientists from the beginning of their careers, believing firmly in genocide, depopulation, and population control through the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction. In the 1920’s, the Rockefellers introduced eugenics(29) to the United States, and funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany where the Nazi scientist Mengele trained. Eugenics recently has been renamed the “Genome Project” and peddled to the public as a “benefit” to society, but the real purpose is to develop ethnic specific bioweapons.

The genocidal depopulation agenda through radioactive emissions was not lost on Dr. John Gofman, a Livermore nuclear weapons lab insider charged with studying the biological effects of ionizing radiation at the Livermore Lab in the early 1960’s. After fighting nuclear power all the way to the Supreme Court, as the cause of death of future generations, where the case was lost, he co-authored a book in 1970 with Arthur Tamplin, ‘Population Control’ Through Nuclear Pollution. The depopulation agenda behind nuclear technologies was clear even then.

.In the twentieth century, civilian populations became the real target of wars and a global Zionist depopulation agenda. It turns out that Windscale/Sellafield has been a major player in that agenda. The University of California, home of the Manhattan Project, will forever be known as the “University that poisoned the world”, the cement of massive corruption linking all political and scientific elites across the global spectrum.

Leuren Moret is an Environmental and Scientist Geoscientist. She is an expert on atmospheric dust, and how it moves and is transported around the world. She was an expert witness at the International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan in Tokyo. She is an independent scientist and international expert on radiation and public health issues. She has worked internationally on radiation issues, educating citizens, the media, members of Parliaments and Congress and other officials. Leuren became a whistleblower in 1991 at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab after experiencing major science fraud on the Yucca Mountain Project. She is a former Environmental Commissioner for the City of Berkeley and President of Scientists of Indigenous People.
Tel: +(1) 510 845 3139

1 Magnox is a type of reactor (now obsolete), a simple air-cooled atomic pile with natural uranium fuel in a graphite matrix, bombarded with neutrons to produce Plutonium-239.

2 May, J., The Greenpeace Book of the Nuclear Age., Greenpeace Books, NY (1989). 

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