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Ukraine: Psychotropic Chemical Weapons - the Technology of Mass Zombification

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ | 18th February, 2016 | Cont.ws

According to FSB sources, Ukraine has recorded facts of a large-scale "zombie" manipulation of the population. At water intake stations drinking water has been treated for over one and a half years using a new disinfectant material supplied to Ukraine by U.S. chemical companies. The activities of these companies are actively supported by the U.S. Department of State and as part of the promotion of ecological projects of the world famous "Greenpeace".

Chemical reagents of a new generation allow the purification of water, softening, removal of impurities and odours  to make the water suitable for drinking without the use of chlorine. However, part of the purified water in Ukrainian houses and apartments comes with an innocent looking cleaning chemical "residue".

According to experts, nothing was found except "Psychotropic WMZ" (weapons of mass zombification). In conjunction with the exposure to television information and media publications, it is applied to the Ukrainians to implement specific thoughts, goals and targets.

With reference to the documents on the supply of "harmless" reagents to the Western regions of Ukraine: Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Lutsk, Zhytomyr, Kiev, Rivne, Chernivtsi, Rivne – have had the "poison" chemical since October 2012. Regions: Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk, Cherkassy, Poltava, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Kirovograd, Lugansk, Krivoy Rog, Kherson, Odessa, Donetsk – have had the "poison" since March 2013.

The dosage per unit volume is negligible, which is allowed in all regulations, but in fact, it hides the "additions" from the oversight of the sanitary-epidemiological authorities. However, with the constant use of such "purified" drinking water, the result of a "willingness to perceive consciousness" among the population achieves a cumulative effect in just 3-4 months.

Bottled drinking water produced in Ukraine is also being tested. Investigators suspect the use of "Psychotropic WMZ" from the American company "Coca-Cola" and the Swiss "Nestle".

Today many Crimean residents express fear for their relatives in Ukraine. When communicating with them almost all noted the inadequate behavior, aggression and even threats of a personal nature on a groundless basis. Any arguments or attempts to find out the cause is met with accusations and aggression. There is a complete immersion of people in a certain information field with clear Russophobic signs, ignoring even the ties of blood DNA.

Given all the above, the situation becomes clear with the proactive blocking of broadcasts of TV channels, in particular Russian, with an alternative coverage of events, because the materials broadcasted by these channels are destroying the deliberate technology of applying consciousness to Ukraine's population.

Chemistry Coups. The "Arab Spring" and the putsch in Kiev distributed amphetamines or "tablets of terror”

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Behind the frenzy of ISIS thugs and "Ukrainian punishers" are "tablets of terror" - a powerful amphetamine, "Captagon", killing pity and giving physical stamina.

The newspaper 'Il Giornale' published an article by Gian Michalisin, which stated that Captagon was first used in Cairo. "The tablet of terror" was distributed among the "Arab spring" as an elixir of renewal and tightening of the revolution, putting the crowd into a frenzy, ready to sacrifice themselves from Tunisia to Egypt, from Libya to Syria.

The deadly amphetamine has become a nightmare for the Middle East: in ecstasy people cut and kill with a smile on their face and emptiness in their head. The Kurds documented it in the pockets of hundreds of militants killed in Kobani. Analysis of audio recordings conducted by American intelligence, which were recorded by Jihadi John, the British militant, who carried out the execution of Western hostages, showed that the executioner was under the influence of amphetamines.

The protesters caught in the hands of police in 2011 revealed the dose of the drug they were on. Many of them admitted that they had received the "miracle pill" from the organizers of the demonstrations,  giving them "courage and strength". The drug of the "Muslim brotherhood" at the time was supplied by Dubai and Qatar.

The first chemical tests were conducted by the Italian carabinieri. Upon arriving in Libya in 2013 to try to train a group of militants for the "regular army", thanks to the blood tests, they realized that at least 30% of the potential students were drug addicts.

Today Captagon turns the fanaticism of ISIL militants into animal ferocity. These pills are today produced in the territories controlled by ISIS, turning it into fuel for war and terror - concludes the author.

There is enough proof that it's not the verses of the Koran but the amphetamines that make the fighters commit crimes, and of the way it arrived in Qatar and Dubai. The ideologists of its application are the oligarchy controlling the West and from the East European satellites.

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Made in 2011 in a NATO laboratory in Bulgaria, Captagon is now produced in the entire Middle East, including in Syria. In early April 2014, the Syrian Arab army seized a car full of Captagon tablets and a tank containing a ton of Captagon (Fenethylline Hydrochloride) — an amphetamine that causes euphoria and inhibits pain. Mixed with other drugs, such as hashish, it is a "basic nutrition" to "jihadists", who no longer feel their own and others suffering, committing atrocities "with laughter".

Angels Don't Play this HAARP

In February 2014, in the article "Psychotropic drugs as tools of manipulation of public consciousness in general, and in particular Euromaiden", the author not only reviewed the use of artificial stimulants in the wars, but also noted that "ex-boxer" Klitschko, under the guise of sports bags, took drugs to the "Maidan" - combat psychostimulants of the U.S. army, included in the first aid kit of the special forces.

These drugs give not only a greater sense of confidence, but also deprive the need for rest and sleep. High doses give intense mental stimulation and active wakefulness that can last up to 3 days. After a long period of using psychostimulants, psychosis begins, often accompanied by hallucinations and delusions that cause extreme aggression (which is still observed in the occupied Ukraine).

Psyop 101

We also wrote that "the fighters of the Maidan" received not only money from abroad, but also drugs that were freely and cheaply sold at "NulandMaidan".

In April 2014 the acting mayor of Kiev, Volodymyr Bondarenko admitted that in the occupied city hall during the "euromaidan" was a workshop for the manufacture of drugs. These drugs were distributed to mass murderers in Odessa on May 2nd.

Industrial quantities of chemicals for the production of Captagon in Ukraine were delivered, in particular, on 11th May. At Kiev airport, under cover of strict secrecy, the cargo arrived and was unloaded, consisting of containers of prepared amphetamine pills.  The cargo was accompanied by CIA officers, soldiers and 70 mercenaries from Polish PMCs. In Kiev SBU, soldiers, cargo and containers of chemicals were not inspected and left the airport building in tinted cars.

Then there were several deliveries, before the manufacture of tablets for punishers, which were deployed on the territory of Ukraine itself.

Today, under the influence of drugs, the former armed forces of Ukraine and mercenaries, on the orders of the native regime of the oligarchs and their foreign accomplices, perform direct genocide of Russians in Novorossiya.

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