👤 Open Letter to President Putin

👥 Open letter to President Putin

September 10, 2014

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Dear President Putin,

There are many people in western Europe, like myself, that do not buy the propaganda that is served to us by our governments. We are disgusted by all their lies and their crimes against the people of Donbass. We do not consider Russia a threat, but the illegal fascist "government" in Kiev we see as a threat to the whole of Europe and Russia too.

I think that you are now sorry that you did not go on in april, after Crimea, and liberate all of Novorossia. Then today we would not have this war in Donbass and the repression in the rest of Novorossia. You backed away from your promise (to protect the people of Novorossia), just to avoid sanctions - and what did you get? Sanctions! You backed away to avoid war and you got war in Donbass (there was never any question of war against Russia, nor is it any question of that now. Still some people use this empty phrase as an argument against helping Novorossia). The Usa wants a split between Europe and Russia, but Russia does not need Europe anyway. The rest of the world is more important.

If in april you had liberated Novorossia it would even have caused the regime-change in Kiev that all experts say you want, and maybe a federalisation/confederalisation would have been possible then. But now that is impossible, and anything short of a liberation of Novorossia will be a defeat for Russia herself. And the next step from the west will be an attack on Russia and yourself. They even say this openly in the Kiev hunta! Now we do not know what changed your mind, but we know there are traitors around you, I do not need to say any names here, you know who they are and so does the Russian people. They are short-sighted persons that put their own business-interests higher than the national interest of Russia and the Russian world. My opinion is that you should let the FSB arrest these persons for treason.

The latest cease-fire was in one aspect (only) a good idea: it showed the world who really wanted to give peace a chance. It is never wrong to "give peace a chance", but we all knew from the beginning that the nazis and fascists would not follow the cease-fire and only use it to start another offensive against Novorossia. The Kiev hunta boasts about how it has fooled you and that they will never give up Donbass/Novorossia or be friendly towards Russia! They will prohibit the Russian language and destroy the Russian culture if you let them! Now you must help the Army of Novorossia to liberate all eight oblasts of Novorossia and to defeat the hunta again! 

Even the "united Ukraine, neutral and friendly to Russia" that you obviously prefer needs a regime-change in Kiev to happen, and for that the hunta must be defeated militarily first. Then anything is possible. But I think that your preferred solution cannot be realised because the people of western "Ukraine" have been fed anti-Russian propaganda for twenty years now and they are brainwashed. Anyway, the nazis in western "Ukraine" and the Usa would not let this happen. Only Novorossia can be saved, and only you can save her. 

Remember that "Ukraine" is not a natural state, it should never have been given Novorossia.

Everytime it looked as you would get your preferred solution there was a "Maidan-revolution", and this will probably continue. It is far better to have Novorossia as a truthfull and trustworthy neighbour than to have Nato-bases in Odessa and Charkow (which will happen if you do not help to liberate all of Novorossia). No-one from west will fight to save the hunta if you help the Army of Novorossia to liberate its people and its country, both Merkel and Obama has said so repeatedly, (but you don´t know what their successors will say). The sanctions are already upon you, even as you speak of cease-fire, so now it is time to show that Russia cannot be treated this way.

The war in Donbass is about geopolitics and it is aimed against Russia, that is obvious. Help to liberate Novorossia, that way you will strengthen Russia and yourself and get 20 million new, friendly neighbours!




Originally Printed in Voice of Sevastapol: Ayre от 10.09.2014, 16:49

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