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Worth Observing The Actual Mossad Agent Inside the DNR Pseudo-Govt

Posted on LM:GNC, Dec 14, 2014

Walter: PM in hurqlaya@yahoo.com – RB

Ukrainian oligarchs has extended its tentacles to the new Russia
Vyacheslav Volkov, KV Journal, Oct 15 2014

Pic 1. kofman1

Meet Alexander Kofman, television star and Vice-speaker of the Parliament of the DND. You ask, who was Kofman to the Declaration of DND? He was not badly off, as head of the Donetsk branch of the Bank “Nadra”. 89,97% of its share capital owned by Centragas Holding GmbH, which is owned by the infamous Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash. It is not surprising that with such a patron career Kofman, with no military or political merit, not to mention the simple confidence of the people, went up the hill “automatically”. In the political arena, he appeared suddenly, after a very timely arrest “people’s Governor” Paul Gubarev, then Kofman came out of the shadows and started to “move” those who would like to have inside of Novorossia his agent to influence the situation. Did adult male A Kofman go to the front with weapons to protect the Donbass? A rhetorical question. When you are very busy with trips to Moscow, because you “happy accident” (and not under the protection of Firtash) were invited on various TV shows, it would be foolish to climb under fire in the trenches. Now during rear intrigues Kofman sits firmly in the new government and will continue to do its career. While these front-line heroes are persecuted with false denunciations, a finger does not hit samopiarschiki (PR men) and talkers share had fallen to them the power. What to expect from the banker and agent of Firtash in power? There will be a lot of “Patriotic” words and dark deeds, in the form of work on the old host. And the owner really want to start trading in the land of the new Russia with its “sworn friends” Akhmetov and Kolomoisky. Really for this fight the militia? I’m sure not! And support of the people of new Russia will be on the side of the real field commanders, who have put their lives in the struggle against the junta oligarchs and rear pushers will do what they do best – lead TV.

Note: “Before this conversation with Alexander Kofman, the newly appointed Minister of foreign Affairs DND, Donetsk my friends told about the interesting details of his biography: the head of diplomatic office DND in his youth he worked with madrichim in Makeevka “the Jewish Agency”. (also known as the Jewish Agency or the Jewish Agency, the international Jewish Zionist organisation in the state of Israel… Madrich (from the Hebrew Derekh – road, path) – Judaism and Zionism leader, the leader and the head of the group (usually youth), implements the Jewish project. The term active is used in the ranks of the Jewish Agency, EZRA and similar organizations. Source: Cyclowiki – RB

Alexander Kofman talks with Edward Doks
LeChaim.ru, Dec 10 2014

Before this conversation with Alexander Kofman, the newly appointed Minister of foreign Affairs DND, Donetsk my friends told about the interesting details of his biography: the head of diplomatic office DND in his youth worked as madrichim in Makeevka “the Jewish Agency”. As in those ancient times, today it is a working day is not normalized. Our conversation on Skype began at one o’clock on Kiev time (two in Donetsk). Alexander Igorevich incredibly well-read, intelligent and multi-faceted. However, he has excessive for a diplomat emotional and even temper. However, precisely because of this, not diplomatic qualities Jewish boy from Makeyevka our conversation turned out to be so Frank.

ED: Than have to deal with the foreign Minister of DND at this late hour?
AK: Literally five minutes ago was a document on the establishment of diplomatic relations with South Ossetia, the exchange of consulates and honorary representatives. The other day, we hope that this document together with me will be in Ossetia. After sharing some documents we can assume that diplomatic relations with this country is installed. We need economic space, and Ossetia in this sense, a very good partner.
ED: Tell us about your family. Observed whether the Jewish tradition?
AK: My family is largely secular. Grandmother on my motherís side of the generations of Jews who tried to keep at least the Jewish holidays. Grandfather shortly before his death, too, became interested in this issue. In fact, perhaps, and ends all my Jewish tradition. I consider myself a man of a totally secular, moreover, according to Jewish laws, I probably are not a Jew, and not feel. In general, does not belong to any of the religions. Can’t say that I am an atheist, I am agnostic.
ED: One of the guys told me that he saw you in Donetsk the synagogue on the Sabbath…
AK: It’s not a hindrance. I have many friends among religious Jews, they invited me. Why can’t I go to the synagogue? Moreover, it was a personal invitation Pinchas Vysotskogo, at that time the chief Rabbi of the Donetsk region, which, like any other Rabbi, of course, is interested in increasing the number of their members. On Saturday supper we had an enjoyable visit, but… If you want to delve into the details, for me adherence to any religion is a kind of contract. If you contract concluded is obliged to comply with it. I understand that I will not be able to observe and 10 Christian commandments, not to mention the 613 Jewish. Mean to enter into a contract, knowing that you’ll break it.
ED: But, according to Judaism, even Jewish atheist origin remains a Jew.
AK: Is, yes. While he will not accept another religion… I was terribly outraged by the situation described in the book Ulitskaya “Daniel Stein, interpreter” when the righteous who saved a lot of Jews during the great Patriotic war, adopted Christianity in the Carmelite monastery, old age came to Israel, and he was denied citizenship because he was a Christian. Outrageous!
ED: Do you have relatives in Israel? Are there?
AK: Yes, there is. In Israel I was a few times. At last – due to a very unpleasant event, if I am not mistaken, in 2009. Fell seriously ill father, and only in Israel could cure. But, unfortunately, not cured. By the way, it’s up to the last days was sincerely grateful to Israel and could not grasp how this is so: “I never for a penny did for this country, and when I came here, got the full treatment, free, good…” I quote him verbatim. But, unfortunately, as I said, the treatment did not help… He immigrated to Israel, and to die came here. In peacetime, I’ve successfully worked. Therefore, the opportunity to travel there due to lack of time. But I plan to visit Israel – already with a political visit. We Jews are a people who more than anyone in the world has suffered from Nazism. And now, after the genocide, after some 70 years, the Jews do not notice that Nazism is raising its head again. Yes, he is not anti-Jewish in nature. But as well-said Vladimir Solovyov, the Jews in their place just will not give in this situation. That is, it is not anti-Jewish, is anti-Russian. It is a pity that the Jews accept this Nazism active part. Could never think that I will be ashamed of his countrymen, not only in matters of an economic nature, but also national.
ED: I understand what you are talking about…
AK: What do Korban, Filatov and many other representatives of our people…? In my opinion, these people are subject to absolute and merciless destruction. Or that there is one only Kolomoisky, representing Chabad.
ED: Jewry Filatov is doubtful, and Kolomoisky Chabad is not. He sponsors. And I would not say that he was a believer. At least religious people would never have allowed himself to say what he said in the conversation with Oleg Tsarev.
AK: “Service was held in the synagogue”?..
ED: Yes, and “funeral in the synagogue”, and that the synagogue was appointed as a reward for the head of Tsarev. From a theological point of view is utter nonsense. And besides, Kolomoisky nonsense that only brings trouble to the Jewish community…
AK: You know, Oleg Tsarev my close friend, and in this conversation I learned something very important. I was present at it. Sat, not knowing with whom Oleg talking, and to an entry in the Internet I never said who spoke. Listened in silence, and only the nodules went. And then quietly said, “you Know, Igor, don’t call me anymore!” I was living in a situation when I took a deep breath, wanted to make a bunch of claims, and then realized that this phrase is more capacious. Now usually use it.
ED: How the visit in Israel can help you? Because in Israel poorly represent what actually happens in Ukraine. Even I was removed from the ether Israeli radio station, after 19 years, and I only tried to tell the truth about the events on Maidan.
AK: I am aware that Israel depends entirely on Pindostan. I understand that Israel’s policy will be directed to where and Pindo policy. At the geopolitical level, even if all Israel sharply reformats and stand against Nazism in Ukraine, it will not affect their relationship. But even if you manage to break at least… You know, what the situation is: I sincerely fear for their fellow Jews. It’s bad for them to end. It is necessary that the Jews showed the world that they are against what is happening in Ukraine. Let the State of Israel supports whom he considers necessary, but it would be enough if Israel officially condemn Nazism in Ukraine. It does not require any approvals from Pindostan.
ED: Recently interviewed Israeli soldier battalion “Aidar”, which claimed that the UPA did not kill the Jews, and Bandera to do was call. And when I officially asked for expert opinion in the “Yad Vashem”, then, to my great surprise, they all (!) refused to speak on the topic, or simply did not answer all…
AK: To be completely objective, the most distinguished Melnikova, the second branch of the OUN-UPA, which was engaged in the organization of Babi Yar, and the commandant of Kiev was Melnikova Orlik. But I sorts of crap prefer not to understand, and for me there is no difference between Melnikova, appearance and nasty. I’d really like to chat with this fighter battalion “Aidar”, and I think this fellowship of his mortal existence would have ended…
ED: Many of those who visited the territory controlled DND, complain about the mess. Tell that selected machine, press the apartment. If you see DND state, how are you going to fight this?
AK: Believe me, I am absolutely sincere. Of course, there were such cases. Now many are returning, including those who did not support DND based, that after a month everything will end and they will return. And when you start to advance such claims, I always say: “It happened because you’re such a good left.” Indeed, the most passionate part of the population are criminals. Naturally, they went up in the first place. Someone, and I know those members of the underworld, rose to fight for their land; someone with the purpose to get rich. But believe me, the last multiply by zero with enviable regularity. They remained in the unit. My official statement: at the moment the owners taken any house, any real estate, any property (with machines more difficult, because they are harder to find) can come to write a statement to the police, and they are guaranteed a return that was selected.
ED: And if the person has not survived the documents confirming the right of ownership?
AK: Is the testimony of the neighbours. It all proved. And such cases are now every day people returned to their property.
ED: Ukraine stopped the payment of pensions to citizens living in the territory controlled by you. How will you cope with this problem?
AK: Apparently, your one-sided media coverage. It is not just about the termination of pension payments. Talking about any economic message with the territory of Ukraine. On the border with Ukraine are truckers, trucks with industrial-food products group. Here Ukraine does not miss anything. Complete blockade. Regarding pensions, we have no taxes in the full sense of the word. There are social benefits paid by enterprises in order to work for us. These tools are completely on social payments to the population. The 1000 UAH, which is now paid as a pension until only a few cities of the Republic, of course, does not correspond to economic indicators. But it’s something, and card payments significantly expanded. Companies are beginning to work. Every day more and more of them are registered in DND. A little – and formed the banking system, will improve normal taxation etc.
ED: How many percent now pay?
AK: 20% of the profits or 2.5 % of turnover. This is much less than was paid in Ukraine.
ED: Do you have interaction with Jewish charitable foundations?
AK: Currently, the draft of the accreditation humanitarian missions. Due to the fact that I hang out with my friends from Jewish organizations, I already told them that you have to come and register their mission. I know that “Joint” distributes humanitarian rations. They need just to register, absolutely free of charge. To define the shape and volume of work. We will not them to decide who to bring humanitarian aid to no. But they will have to be accredited in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, headed by me. I woe from wit, I guess. I cautiously treat this situation. Remember, there was such a good movie “From hell”? In 1946, one Polish town JDC brought humanitarian aid. And you remember how it ended. I can’t understand humanitarian assistance based on ethnic or religious basis.
ED: The participation of Israelis in the conflict, I try to cover and I know that there are Israelis on both sides. But here’s the interesting thing: those who are fighting for Ukraine, ready to give an interview, and those who are on your side, somehow afraid, even when you know their names.
AK: And you have in Israel a law against service in mercenary armies?
ED: Theoretically, yes. But you guys refuse to even speak anonymously.
AK: This indicates the level of confidence in the press. Here’s your guy from “Aydar”, I’m sure, has been enriched. You have no idea. We daily truck “new mail” (emergency delivery service in Ukraine) come from the combat zone on the rest of the territory of Ukraine. Morderstwo scary.
ED: Is there really a Battalion “Aliya” or is it all of bollocks?
AK: I several times because of their national origin met with representatives of Israel, who are here fighting. This is mainly reconnaissance and sabotage squads, snipers. I wouldn’t call them a Battalion “Aliya”, although this may be exactly the kind of “Aliya” which was said Eskin. Among them and those who serve in the IDF, and those who came to Israel, being already experienced fighters. We have dozens of these guys.

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