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The following documents are custom tailored to the specifics of the situation developing in the Nameless Triangle and Ukraine. They are designed, “As part of its on-going capacity building programme,” [read: infiltration/exaction/assumption],  to embrace, enfold, and extinguish the nation-state Ukraine, as an entré to do the same with Russia.

These same templates, available to NATO to utilize in engineering the ongoing Eurasian conflict, are available to Homeland Security as well, where they presently have been peddled to over 15 Commonwealth countries and are factored into the Homeland Security roll-out presently being executed on the North American continent to the NAFTA signatories on behalf of the NWO.   -ed

1 April 2015

West and Ukraine Against Putin and His Politicians

Today I’ve (DracuBlog’s -ed) got docs on Russia and Ukraine for you. The West got used to solving its problems using someone else to do the dirty work. Putin’s regime is an eyesore for the U.S., UK and NATO. Regardless whether it’s good or bad (everyone has his own opinion) Russia opposes the unipolar world order and western values exclusiveness. The West has a simple solution; it just needs to overthrow Putin and his close companions.

The West can’t do it openly and directly. Russia isn’t Yugoslavia, or Libya, or Iraq. That’s why they are acting via Ukraine which is undergoing dramatical changes now. Though they are using the old methods of ideological warfare, discredit of leaders, and society values erosion.

The attached docs show that NATO and the U.S. and UK military advisors are acting in Ukraine. Non-governmental organizations are working there under the auspices of the Western and Ukrainian special services.

For instance, here’s a NATO doc testifying that the popularity of the Russian leaders among the population of the Southern and Eastern regions is a challenge for Ukraine.

The Ukrainian non-governmental organizations mention the same issue in their docs drawn up to win the grant from the UK government.

The Russian leaders such as Putin, Lavrov, Shoigu, etc. should be put under constant pressure. As you can see this task is included in the Free Donbass and Free Russia PSYOPs designed by the Ukrainian special services.

The later clearly defines primary targets for the information attack. These people are obviously those legs bearing Putin’s throne. And as I see it that will be perfect if the Russian President knock them out by himself.

So they plan to compromise defense minister Shoigu, who is extremely popular in Russia, through facilities management and economic activity of his subordinates as well as through corruption cases revealed by the defense ministry itself. Bortnikov, the head of the secret police, can be blamed for failing to preserve Yanukovich regime in Ukraine. And general Zolotov, the Russian National Guard commander, is to be presented before Putin as a dangerous successor, potential dictator and accuse him of military coup attempts.

Since Russia and Ukraine still have common media space the idea is that Russian liberal media and opposition should take on spreading all info in the net and press created by the Ukrainian and Western secret services. The leading Western mass media are to cover this info as well.

I don’t doubt that the West will initiate color revolution processes in Russia through Ukraine sooner or later.



Download: Conflict Pool Project

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Download: Free Russia



And now we get to Nato’s equivocations

. . . or . . .

When We Raise Children, We Keep Our Eyes Open for This. It is Called Blame-Throwing. Good Parents Correct This Defect When it Occurs. Thieves, Brigands and NATO Do Not:  -ed

MOSCOW (Sputnik), 


Alexander Mosesov – On Saturday, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov stated that the armed conflict between government forces and independence supporters in eastern Ukraine has led to a collapse of all positive aspects of Russia's relations with NATO. He added that the bloc's increase in military activities near the Russian border is unprecedented and unjustifiable.


The alleged role of Russia in the Ukrainian crisis and the reunification of Crimea with the country are to blame for the suspension of NATO-Russia cooperation, the bloc's principal 

Spokesperson Oana Lungescu told Sputnik on Sunday.

Lungescu said that NATO suspended practical cooperation with Moscow amid last year's "illegal and illegitimate" reunification of Crimea with Russia, that took place following a peninsula-wide referendum.

The spokeswoman added that Russia’s "continued aggressive actions in Ukraine" hinders cooperation. Russia has repeatedly denied providing military aid to eastern Ukraine's independence militias, despite the West's accusations.

"Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has strived to build a partnership with Russia, including on fighting terrorism and building security in Afghanistan," Lungescu said. She added that the partnership broke down because of what NATO sees as Russia's "violating international law and breaching its commitments under the NATO-Russia Founding Act.”

Victoria Nuland’s Rebuttal ☞ 🔴 ENTER HERE 🔴

NATO began to boost its military presence close to Russia's western borders as the crisis in Ukraine escalated in early 2014. Last month, Russia argued that NATO's buildup in Eastern Europe violates the 1997 Russia-NATO Founding Act on mutual relations, envisaging that the bloc will not permanently station substantial combat forces near the Russian border.

NATO Partnering ☞ 🔴 ENTER HERE 🔴

NATO replied that its forces are rotational and their presence is below the definition of substantial.



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