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Boris Nemtsov Murder

I have never told you my mother was Russian so I especially have a deep interest in what’s going on there and in Ukraine. Here is some typical British propaganda about the event: If you read this bullshit about Nemtsov’s young girlfriend Anna Duritskaya  supposedly “being terrified of Putin” you will believe anything!

I don’t mind admitting, at first when I started to receive your emails over 5 years ago I literally thought you were crazy, especially about the incredible global power of the fascist British oligarchy and the City of London having been brought up almost from childhood to believe the Vatican controls everything which it now clearly doesn’t – and I nearly asked you to remove my name from your email list. But now with the benefit of hindsight, I am truly so appreciative of your work, and it is beginning to get much clearer for me, although I admit it is very insidious and difficult to understand for most. It’s only when you come to realize almost all our news is now heavily censored in the West and has been for at least the past 100 years or so, that you begin to realize who the real arch criminals really are, namely our own, and with the current events in Ukraine, certainly not Russia.

I mean, all the western media swamp rats including global television attempting to make Boris Nemtsov out to be “a great honest man who had Russia’s future and democracy at heart” when the truth is he was the most corrupt, Jewish, pro-western neo-fascist who has spent most of his life f*&^%$g as many young women as he could find, with no loyalty to anyone not even his own family, his three former wives, with ties to Israel, Mossad, Jewish bankers and the Russian mafia. This article here gives you a little bit about his sexual life. Nemtsov was 55 and his current girlfriend Ms Anna Duritskaya at age 23 was young enough to be his granddaughter. Basically the scumbag had the morals of an alley cat and was simply a common opportunist with no loyalty to Russia or the Russian people at all. Only himself.

I have taken time off work today to do some of my own research and you might be shocked by this. One of our leading Western puppet writers in the US attacking Putin over the murder of Boris Nemtsov right now is Amy W. Knight, one of America’s top historians of the KGB, Soviet Union and Russia. In fact she is extensively quoted in this Christian Science Monitor article titled Who was Boris Nemtsov and why was he murdered?by Lisa Suhay yesterday:

If you read this article, you will see that Amy Knight actually says that “she barely slept Friday night after hearing of the death of Nemtsov, whose work she has edited for American publication and has worked with via telephone.” “This is a man with whom I have spoken many times over the phone.” The article continues; “Ms Knight has a PhD in Russian politics at the London School of Economic and Political Science (LSE)”.

So here, out of her very own mouth, she openly admits that Boris Nemtsov was actually secretly working for her who edited his work for American publication, effectively making her a British agent, who not only is a graduate of the British Fabian Society’s fascist London School of Economics linked to Chatham House that controls the political affairs of much of the world including the CFR here, she has also lectured at the LSE as well.

Way back on November 20, 2014, this writer at also picked up on the fact that Amy Knight was in fact a leading blatant anti-Putin propaganda writer.

Lastly, here is a report about Boris Nemtsov’s tangled love life and his relationship with his 23 year old Ukrainian girl friend Anna Duritskaya:  I would agree with your Russian emailer that Putin has nothing to do with the murder, would say there is a 99% chance it was an Anglo/American military intelligence operation, but still I think a 1% chance it could have been an assassination connected directly to Nemtsov’s girlfriend. Why I say this, is apparently she had just returned from Ukraine after having had an abortion. Who she met there and how she felt about the abortion and Nemtsov’s part in it we don’t know.

According to this report here, the couple had dinner at a mall at around 11 pm then left some time later to walk home in the freezing mid-winter temperatures over half a mile away to Nemtsov’s apartment. This is very late to have dinner at this time of the night during the week, in the middle of winter, and then for a 55-year-old to walk home in the freezing temperature without taking a taxi, and points to Anna being the one wanting to walk, not Nemtsov. This late time of the night would have thus been perfect timing for an assassination attempt when they were alone out in the open, as very few people and not much traffic around. Personally, I think young Anna Duritskaya is deeply involved and she was used as a decoy to get him out in the open. Apparently six shots were fired, four hit Nemtsov and Anna Duritskaya was completely unharmed. While it is true their phones could have been tapped to monitor their whereabouts, other than that, Anna probably would have been the only one that knew the exact time of the dinner and the eventual path they would take walking home. Yes, I think she knows much more than she’s letting on!

As expected on today’s TV News, there were still a few thousand of the Russian sheep, no different than our own, marching in the streets in support of Nemtsov, even in Russia, so it just goes to show how naive and ignorant most people are, irrespective of nationality. Whether the West’s propaganda like this will work in trying to get rid of Putin I don’t know. Soon time will tell.

However, from my point of view, I can accept any marriage, or a civil partnership breaking down as it can happen to anyone. But for a man in his political capacity to claim he has the democratic future of his country at heart, while repudiating all three former wives, his own family and children, and continue on to deliberately spend as much of his time as possible indiscriminately preying on and fucking young women like this, (irrespective of anything else) with no loyalty to anyone other than himself, he is, what your friend in Moscow quite correctly calls nothing less than common “scum” and I believe he really got his just deserts – and was certainly not fit to be a leader.


As you say, amazing, momentous times!



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