GHOSTS of the 51st BRIGADE

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SEPERATOR- PUMP'n'DUMP Jesuit-Maltese flavor

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Author: Ayre от Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ukrainians are beginning to understand that the war in the Donbass region that had started last spring turned into a true massacre for the Ukrainian army (UAF) last summer. A spontaneous gathering of soldiers from the 51th Brigade of UAF stationed in Lutsk and their relatives took place in this regional center of Volyn (region in the north-west of the territory of Ukraine).

 The rally was not originally planned and the people gathered for a previously announced meeting "with representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff”.

 It should be noted that the top army officers did not come to the meeting. The participants expressed the view that the generals did not want to look into the eyes of soldiers who were surrounded by the Novorossia army near the city of Ilovaisk in Donbas as was reported by the local newspaper "Volynskie novosti” (Volyn news.)

 Three times in the last two weeks the soldiers and their families gathered for a meeting with the commanders to get answers on a wide range of questions. Each times they received promises that all problems will be solved and that all people will, at least, be able to speak out. However, each time none of senior officers from the security services or from the army officials did not come to the meetings.

 Colonel Vitaly Chelbin had to do all the work instead of all generals. He volunteered to make a trip to the Ministry of Defense Headquarters to report what the mobilized soldiers and their families ask for. The first and most important demand is the military discharge of soldiers who have already spent five months in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) zone. The second requirement concerns the redeployment of the 51th Brigade to Vladimir-Volynsky (located in the same region as Lutsk) and further training of personnel. In addition, the brigade needs to take a broad inventory and to compile detailed lists of the personnel killed in action and POWs.

 The soldiers demanded that the list of requirements was written in two copies, one of which to be left with the soldiers, to make sure that the Ministry of Defense would really receive their demands.

In the case of its non-compliance with the demands, the participants at the rally in Lutsk threatened to organize another "Maidan" run by soldiers’ mothers and to boycott the snap elections to the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament of Ukraine).

The soldiers accused the generals of having used them as the cannon fodder, and that the brigade was split in parts to be used on different parts of the front.

 Recall that the 51th Brigade of UAF was virtually destroyed battling the Donbas militia and that its soldiers returned home without documents and weapons. They no longer will to come back to the ATO zone.

About 5,000 soldiers and hundreds of armored vehicles and artillery pieces of various calibers were surrounded in the Ilovaisk pocket. The Novorossia Army claims to take numerous trophies as a result of their defeat. For time being, the truce, signed in Minsk by Ukraine and representatives of Novorossia and mediated by Vladimir Putin, is observed. The exchange of POWs is started.


SEPERATOR- PUMP'n'DUMP Jesuit-Maltese flavor

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SEPERATOR- PUMP'n'DUMP Jesuit-Maltese flavor

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