🇫🇷 Russia Reveals ISIS’ Money 💰💰

SEPARATOR 20151202 Russia Reveals ISIS' Money

Russian Military Reveals New Details of Isis Funding

Originally Published: 2 Dec, 2015 12:12

The Russian Defense Ministry is giving a major media briefing to outline measures to combat international terrorism. The military operation in Syria dominates the event.

02 December 2015

16:37 GMT

Mufti Ravil Gainutdin, the head of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia and the Russian Council of Muftis, has called for calm in the assessment of Russian-Turkish relations, and said he has instructed the employees of both organizations to refrain from sharp comments on the relationship between the two countries.

"We are religious figures who are of no relation to politics," the mufti said.

"We believe that today we all need to calm down, be rational and think of people's well-being. But we think that we have not passed the point of no return as of yet. A compromise can still be found - negotiations and diplomacy can help settle any conflict,” he added.


Tu-22 MZ strategic bombers of Russia's Aerospace Defense Forces set to hit ISIS targets in Syria © Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation / Sputnik

15:18 GMT

Responding to the Russian allegations, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that nobody had a right to “slander” Turkey by accusing it of buying oil from Islamic State.

Speaking at a university in the Qatar’s capital of Doha on Wednesday, Erdogan once again claimed that he would resign if such accusations were proven to be true and stressed he did not want Turkey’s relations with Russia to deteriorate further.

12:59 GMT

The photos and footage used in the media briefing have been published on the Defense Ministry’s website.

12:56 GMT

Russia is to provide evidence of Turkey’s role in training, arming and smuggling foreign fighters into Syria next week.

12:42 GMT

Footage of a Russian airstrike on an oil storage facility controlled by IS has been provided by the Defense Ministry.

12:35 GMT

Russia doesn’t expect Turkish President Erdogan to resign in the face of the new evidence, even though he had promised to do so. His resignation is not Russia’s goal and is a matter for the Turkish people.

12:31 GMT

Russia cannot comprehend that such a large-scale business as oil smuggling could not have been noticed by the Turkish authorities. Russia concludes that the Turkish leadership is directly involved in the smuggling.

12:28 GMT

Pic 2. every day an oil tanker in #turkey is loaded with #syria oil smuggled out by terrorist groups, CVOEvATUsAAqc35

Murad Gazdiev @MuradoRT

@mod_russia: every day an oil tanker in #turkey is loaded with #syria oil smuggled out by terrorist groups

4:17 AM - 2 Dec 2015 · Moscow, Russia, Rossiya

  • 12:26 GMT

The US-led coalition has failed to intensify strikes on oil tankers and other IS oil infrastructure. Russia will send intelligence on potential targets to coalition members, assuming that a lack of intelligence may be the reason for their hesitance.

Russia, for its part, will continue attacking the oil business of the terrorists and expects the US-led coalition to do the same.

  • 12:26 GMT

Russian MoD showcases footage of vehicles moving through Syrian-Turkish border  

12:26 GMT

2,000 fighters, 250 vehicles and over 120 tons of ammo have been sent in the past weeks from Turkey to terrorists in Syria, fuelling the violence in the country.

12:25 GMT

At least 8,500 oil tankers are used by the terrorists to transport up to 200,000 barrels of stolen oil, according to Russian estimates.

12:23 GMT

Two other smuggling routes go to Batman refineries from northern Syria and to Cizre hub from Iraq respectively.

12:18 GMT

Three main routes of oil smuggling to Turkey have been established. One goes to Turkish ports Dortyol and Iskanderun on the Mediterranean coast, where the oil is shipped to other nations.

12:17 GMT

The Defense Ministry showed aerial footage of oil tankers. The vehicles were said to be travelling across the Syrian-Turkish border in their hundreds.

12:17 GMT

Pic 4. aerial, space surveillance reveal 3 main oil smuggling routes to Turkey.., CVOD9xtWwAAxVLv

Murad Gazdiev @MuradoRT

@mod_russia: aerial, space surveillance reveal 3 main oil smuggling routes to Turkey...

4:13 AM - 2 Dec 2015 · Moscow, Russia, Rossiya

12:14 GMT

Cutting the flow of oil is a necessary condition for defeating IS. Russia is conducting airstrikes on oil pumps, refineries, transport tankers and other parts of the oil infrastructure. The strikes have resulted in the loss of half of all oil smuggled by the terrorists.

12:13 GMT

Turkey is the main buyer of oil smuggled by terrorists in Syria and family members of Turkish President Recept Erdogan are involved.

oil business involves & his family – MoD LIVE youtu.be/nMA4B2ZnQ2o 

12:12 GMT

The Russian Defense Ministry is giving a media briefing, during which it will present evidence of sponsorship of international terrorism. Three senior military officials are taking part: Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, Deputy Chief of Operations Sergey Rudskoy, Chief of National Military Control Center Mikhail Mizintsev.

SEPARATOR 20151202 Russia Reveals ISIS' Money


SEPARATOR 20151202 Russia Reveals ISIS' Money

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