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,  ✠ Joseph Goebbels Awards ✠  Presented to Ukrainian Journalists

  • March 27, 2015
  • Maxim Karpenko for Politnavigator
  • Translated by Kristina Rus, Dec 14, 2015

Anchor of Poroshenko TV Channel Receives a Goebbels Award 

In Ukraine for the first time Joseph Goebbels awards were given out to the members of the media who violated the standards of information journalism. The founder of the project is the people's movement "Media Lustration".

According to the activists of the movement, "the award will be presented to the brightest violators of standards of information journalism, for inciting hatred among the Ukrainian people, ethnic hatred, for their involvement in the creation and dissemination of propaganda, which clearly divides people into good and bad".

The first nominees are:

  •  The journalist of "Channel 5" Vitaly Gaidukevich, who called all those who disagree with government policy to gather their suitcases and go to Russia
  •  The reporter of the magazine "Ukrainian Week," Bogdan Butkevych for the call for to kill part of the population of Donbass 
  •  The Information Minister of Ukraine, Yuriy Stets for the monopolization of the right to "the truth"

As stated by the spokesman of the movement, a human rights activist Dmitry Vasilets, the lawyers of the organization will identify the facts of unlawful conduct of journalists and initiate legal proceedings.

"If a crime is committed, a specific call to murder, and the media will assist in this, then the media as a legal entity will receive from us an invitation to court and the amount of the claim. The funds will go to those affected by the conflict in the East of Ukraine," - said Vasilets.


Chanel 17 Video:

- We are the representatives of social organisations, trade unions, who legally delegated our representatives to the people's movement "Media Lustration."

- Our main activity is not about a fight or any certain actions, we want first of all to direct the attention of the candidates off this award, to pay their attention at their activities. 

- Joseph Goebbels was a German politician, speaker, the Minister of Propaganda of Germany during the time of the Third Reich and  WWII. Goebbels propaganda is still considered a successful mechanism of influence. 

- The Goebbels award is presented to the brightest violators of principles of journalism, as well as for inciting hatred among the Ukrainian people, for inciting ethnic hatred inside Ukraine, for spread of propaganda which strictly divides people into good and bad. Our movement works exclusively within the law. We do not engage in unlawful activities. We want to make mass media better. We attract experts, so they can provide a legal opinion. If a certain media report violates the constitution, our law department will automatically initiate proceedings and will prepare certain documents and will file a case in court. Media outlets will be classified as a participant. If a crime is committed, if there were calls for murder, and a media outlet assisted in that, it is clear that the media company as a legal entity will receive an invitation to court and provided with the sum of the claim. The funds will go to those who suffered in Eastern Ukraine, to the needs of the children, who lost homes, who lost loved ones, parents. 

- For now we look at violations of standards of information journalism by certain journalists. We would like to note that the isolated statements of certain journalists discredit those organisations as a whole, where they work. 

Mr. Bogdan Butkevich on the wave of the Maidan trend gave an interview: 

"Donbass is not just a depressive region. There is such an enormous number of problems, and the main problem is there are just many absolutely undesirable people. The most important thing that needs to be done at the moment, no matter how harsh it may sound, there is a category of people, who simply need to be killed"

We filed documents with all three branches of the government: the police, the court, and a demand for legal opinion from the head of Human Rights department of Ukraine 

- We, as a people's movement "Media Lustration", are very curious how the three branches of government will react to such a statement. What will they tell us - are these calls to murder through mass media acceptable or not? 

- I liked the idea very much, the idea to participate and to provide my opinion as a media expert, whether certain materials contain violations of the standards of information journalism. The standards of journalism are very clear, there are just 7 of them. As much as possible I will provide an independent balanced opinion about such reports.

- This is the Goebbels award itself. There is Goebbels himself with two pigs which stand close and give a salute. This is not accidental. The quote of Goebbels: "Give me mass media, and I will turn any nation into a heard of pigs" is printed on the platform. There are several more quotes that characterize the media member who received this award.  And on the back it says: "To the devoted follower of Joseph Goebbels from the people of Ukraine"

Unfortunately we invited Mr. Butkevich, but he didn't show up. This statue is presented to Mr. Butkevich, with which we congratulate him.

- The major source of propaganda, the main source of materials for our consideration is the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine. For this monopoly on truth, the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Yury Stets  is awarded with the Goebbels award.

The next award is presented to Vitaly Gaidukevych for dividing the citizens of Ukraine into those who love Ukraine, and those who don't:

"We can take out all, we can deport all those, who want to fight with Ukraine, but what to do with those who welcomed the aggressor? Who voted on all these fake referendums? Who brought bullets to the militants? What to do with haters of Ukraine? And those who supported the evil deeds of Yanukovich's regime? Those who went to elections and voted for those who stole from the budget, who organised titushki, financed terrorists? First time when Crimea and those occupied territories did not vote, communists didn't make it to the parliament and that part of deputies, who may be loyal to Russia, was minimized. And that is a guarantee that the majority will be democratic. May be we should think about that citizenship is not a right, it's a privilege, and it needs to be earned. We need to talk to those who want to reform, and for the rest - if you don't like Ukraine: suitcase, train station, Moscow!"

- We present this award to Vitaly Gaidukevich, the host of "Chanel 5." 

.  .  . (Applause)             .

- These awards, I, as a representative of the people's movement will have to present in person, I hope we will show this to the people, because it is a very important process which needs to get more exposure. Because it is very important that people receive these awards in person so they can learn a lesson in order to make the country strong, independent and blooming. These are the main goals that we are pursuing.




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