Cruel Murder of Boris Nemtsov

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Subject: 'Cruel murder of Boris Nemtsov is huge tragedy' 

Greetings A,

Regarding News of Murder of Boris Nemtsov on 27 February 2015


A, no doubt you have heard about murder of Boris Nemtsov on your western media propaganda yesterday and today, trying to blame President Putin and the Kremlin. I have been reading your emails about Russia in the past all very good. But this murder is important to understand as it is going to deceive many people, maybe affect the world view, so I feel I should point out the points to you.

While it is true Nemtsov was a leading critic of Putin, he has never been feared by Putin at all as President Putin has at least 85% approval rating following his decisions in Crimea. Putin has never and currently has no need to ‘assassinate’ his opponents as western media are already suggesting. Nemtsov was a political small potatoe who posed no threat at all to immensely popular Putin. In elections of 2003 both Nemtsov and Chubais in Union of Rightist Forces received just 2.4 million votes, or 4% of the total, falling short even of the 5% threshold necessary to enter Parliament and losing all of its seats in the state Duma.

Your scum media consistently try to destroy Putin’s credibility with lies.  Even in 2008, when Putin would have liked to continue as President of the Russian Federation, he could have eliminated his opponents non-peacefully, but he chose to play by the rules and peacefully ceded the presidency to Medvedev. Hardly  a man who would assassinate an unpopular opponent. If he wanted to eliminate Nemtsov, he would hardly murder him next to the Kremlin in public view in the center of Moscow for all to see. No, Nemtsov would simply disappear without trace or he would be killed in a car or plane crash, but never close to the Kremlin to create publicity. The probability that the Russian Government is behind the killing of Boris Nemtsev is close to Zero, since they have nothing to gain by having him executed like this.

No. The real perpetrators are your own corrupt, Anglo/American scum, either the CIA, Military Intelligence 6 or a distant last Israeli Mossad. I don’t know if you are aware Boris Nemtsov was a pro- Fascist Jew, western Jewish puppet, who often visited Israel and previously worked for the current Jewish gangster, President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. [I am not anti-Jewish as I have good friends who are Jews.] But these  Jewish gangsters involvement in banking is not without comment.

In your past emails I was very impressed to learn with your research to note that the Atlantic Council and US-Ukraine Business Council in the U.S. are set to destabilize Ukraine in preparation to have Poroshenko, a western fascist puppet, privatise all of Ukraine’s vast wealth and assets to Anglo/American multinationals controlled by as you say Rothschild Overseas Privatisation Unit at New Court in London. But do you know, in August 2014, Poroshenko, the “Chocolate King”,  made an agreement with Rothschilds in London appointing Giovanni Salvetti the Rothschild Italy CEO to partner with Investment Capital Ukraine to sell off Petro Poroshenko’s $1.5 billion worth of business assets in Ukraine and elsewhere to global Anglo/American multinationals as the beginning of the process in Ukraine.  It is rumoured Nestle the City of London-controlled chocolate company in Switzerland is a chief contender for his chocolate and confectionery assets, but as yet I don’t know any more details than that. The western interest in Ukraine has nothing to do with helping the people of Ukraine, its all about money and stealing as much wealth as possible. It is a disgrace.

 While Russians are not perfect, it is clear your own detestable scum are many times more corrupt than either Putin or the Kremlin. We have already seen these pro-western Jewish oligarchs like Poroshenko in Ukraine and others in Russia privatise and rape our country of its precious national treasures, resources and assets, and end up sailing around the world in multi-million dollar yachts, or buying luxurious houses in London with hard earned money stolen from Russian citizens, without the slightest concern for our own people many of which have been made destitute – and Putin has at least tried to address this issue, unlike yourselves, and I don’t wish to be rude but you are a gutless lot in not standing up to this overt desecration of your nationality, where your own countries are rapidly being sold off and privatized to these  Jewish-controlled international banks and multinational gangsters and oligarchs.

Your own corrupt, contemptible western forces trying to force Russia into the ‘New World Order’ financial dictatorship are extreme, and I have no way to predict the outcome other than to say I think it will be hard to destroy Russian pride and nationalism, and unfortunately for all of us, with the proliferation or more advanced nuclear weapons, the hypocrisy of your governments, the belligerence and arrogance of the west, this all may end in the annihilation of us all and the end human race. 

Frankly, A, and I know you and many other patriots in the west are friends of freedom and liberty and are not guilty at all, but if your oligarchy carry on as they are now, it is inevitable someone is going to get nuked. I’m sure you are aware, to our shame, there is an old negative characteristic in the Russian personality which you will see on YouTube dash-cams of Russian “road-rage” in that if Russians feel that they have been badly offended, they will often just stop in the middle of the road to thump the opponent, and like the brown bear, they don’t care who they upset if they wish to get their way and the traffic holdup they create is of no concern. It can be good to be determined, but it can also be a bad trait and unfortunately west has never learned to understand this. If you play Russian Roulette you might end up on losing end – dead.

This is similar to the situation now why your scum have murdered Boris Nemtsov. Putin said quite reasonably he would cut off Ukraine gas supply if he didn’t get full payment within days. So they now hurriedly murder Nemtsov to slur Putin to try and destroy his reputation. Ukraine still owes Russia billions for gas supplied in the past. How patient do you expect Putin to be. All of these sanctions against Russia are only accelerating the implementation of the Shanghai Cooperation Association and the Eurasian Union and pushing the joint monetary union and militarization between Russia and China. You are going to all reap what you sow in the future mark my words.

Like you, I think the geo-political situation is worsening fast, and although they may not happen, potentially things now could dramatically change almost over night. Unfortunately we all may be losers.

Thank you for your emails and rare balanced view regarding Russia and your own western alliance.



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