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Bill Gates and Poroshenko, Conspiring to Sterilize Ukrainians? September 18, 2015 - Sergey Salnikov, Live Journal - Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski

“Poroshenko is ready to sterilize the population of Ukraine”

The report of the conversation between Poroshenko and Bill Gates passed by as if nothing was unordinary: “Bill Gates and Poroshenko discussed the immunization of Ukrainians against Polio.” But actually, this event is a landmark. And a very sad one for the people of Ukraine. 

Let’s sort out a bit why this billionaire, who before busied himself with vaccinations exclusively in African and Asian countries, and partially in Latin America, is suddenly interested in Ukraine.

And what is behind Gate’s billions of dollars in donations to various globalist structures which reduce the population of the planet. 

As many will recall, in 2006, the newly minted multi-billionaire, William Henry Gates III, donated “for charity” more than half of his officially declared capital. The total amount of donations at the beginning of 2013 exceeded $36 billion. 

Moreover, the billionaire’s family announced that “all the accumulated money of the Gates Foundation will be given to charity within 50 years of his death.” 

It’s moving that this action isn’t even love for people, as the meaning of the word “charity” alludes to. 

We all remember when Gates said “In the world today, there are 6.8 billion people. The population is rapidly approaching 9 billion. If we do a really good job with new vaccines, health care, and assistance in reproductive health, it’s possible that we we can lower this by 10-15 percent.” 

But reducing only 10-15 percent - this is only an announcement. By default, the actual plans of the American globalist elite were declared by another billionaire-vampire, Ted Turner: “A population of 250-300 million people, a reduction of the current level by 95%, would be ideal.”

And why is Bill Gates here, the inquisitive reader asks? The matter at hand is that the Gates, the Turners, the Clintons, the Fords, the Bushes, the Warburgs, and the Soroses, Rockefellers, and Rothschilds are all firmly connected with each other. Including the names of their various foundations. 

So, some Cecile Richards simultaneously manages the affairs of the Ford Foundation and is the supreme controller (supervisor) of  Ted Turner’s foundation. And a sponsor of the Ford Foundation is the Clinton’s foundation. The latter foundation is sponsored by Gates’ foundation. 

Most likely, there is mutual funding for various programs. The American data base Muckety doesn’t clarify this. It simply records the fact of financial ties between funds. So, in the article about the Gates Foundation, finding the line about the Clintons’ foundation, we read: funder.

In any case, all these funds are closely interconnected and act in the same direction implementing various globalist  programs. This includes population reduction. 

And why are we mentioning the foundations here? Everything is simple, as demonstrated by the investigation of the composition of inoculum in the example of Mexico. In the vaccine , a specific hormone was present: human chorionic gonadotropin HCG. 

“We will say a few words about this agent. HCG is a hormone secreted by the placenta during pregnancy. When administered artificially, together with strains of pathogenic organisms, as in the case of tetanus, the body begins to product antibodies against HCG I.e., in the case of the beginning of pregnancy, which can be judged at once by the presence of HCG in the body, these antibodies attack the fetus of the unborn child. Such chemical abortions are caused by the addition of HCG to the vaccination - cheaply and quietly.”

There is another substance which leads to the same sterilization. 

“Another type of vaccination is developed using Trophoblastic Antigen, TBA - parts of the connecting tissue which protects the embryo of the future human. The scheme is the same as in the case of HCG: the woman’s body becomes accustomed to producing antibodies against the embryo shell in the case of pregnancy.”

The philanthropy of Gates is very active in the field of charity inoculations. He worryingly cares about the “reproductive health” of Latin Americans, blacks, and Asians. For example, in May, 1999, Bill brought two and a half billion dollars (more valuable than today’s dollars) to some kind of “Fund for Fighting AIDS.”

And three months later, in August of the same year, he allocated 5 billion dollars to his “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” for vaccinations. 

In 2001, the Gates family sacrificed 100 million dollars for “fighting HIV and AIDS in Africa” to the International Healthcare Foundation of the UN.”

In 2005, another 400 million dollars for “the medical care of children in developing countries.”

A year later - half a billion to the above-mentioned UN foundation, again for AIDS.

We won’t bore the reader with statistics anymore, but we will mention yet one more important story from 2010: more than 10 billion dollars went to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and various organizations for “vaccinations that prevent malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea among children.” 

The closer we get to today, the more clearly is manifested the tendency of a transition in Gates activities from “fighting” HIV-AIDS to other, long forgotten diseases in Europe. It’s clear: the AIDS neglected by the Americans is successfully decimating the reproductive capacities of millions of Africans and Asians, so the “philanthropists” can focus on other regions and other diseases. It doesn’t matter if AIDS itself exists, officially declared, or is a mechanism for the death of other people - no one denies the fact of troubles from AIDS.

So why not experiment with Ukraine from bottom to top? For example, under the pretext of fighting polio. (And from where, in fact, has Ukraine come down with it? Here it would be interesting to ask Saakashvili, who in his time contributed to the organization of secret American biological laboratories in Georgia). 

The whole practice of Gates’ “charitable” activities in the field of vaccination unambiguously suggests that its purpose is either the spread of disease or the sterilization of the populations of those countries where globalist foundations stick their deadly tentacles. 

And the famous billionaire won’t just meet with some Poroshenko: they’re on different levels. And if he honored the chocolate maker with socializing, then expect trouble, people of Ukraine. It won’t be any other way.

Ah, Petr, Petr, what are you, you son of a bitch, doing with the unsuspecting Ukrainian people?!!

P.S. Is it necessary to remind our readers who is the current Minister of Health of Ukraine? An associate of Saakshvili, the Georgian citizen Alexander Kvitashvili with a very rabbinical patronymic name: Marasovic. This is the Minister of Health who stated that “health services should be eliminated.”

Here is one interesting piece of the mosaic, saying that the operation to seize control over the health of Ukrainian citizens has been planned in advance.

And Soon Public Health Won’t Be Needed. Children Won’t Be Born…

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