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April 19, 2014

Bob Nichols                    1:56 PM (21 hours ago) to Leuren, me

You guys see any of this....  Bob

False flag prep work: Law enforcement holds security drills at BART stations, 18 Apr 2014 A number of police and state and federal law enforcement agencies converged on several BART stations Friday morning. . .

 to conduct security drills. The drills were an effort to help coordinate amongst the agencies just in case of a major emergency, said officials. The drill ran from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. at the West Oakland, Embarcadero, Coliseum and SFO BART stations.

LBattis <lbattis@…>                    2:58 PM (20 hours ago) to Bob

Yeah, I saw it start with MUNI. They have put down color-coded guide tiles to show the 'mass consumers' where and how to board the street car in the underground. The drivers and stewards in-station are organized. They have taken to re-designating trains on the fly. They specifically made me late to an appointment 2-weeks ago by re-designating my train 7-times to another track-line. Too cute. We exchanged some banter which gave me the info I needed to conclude they were knowledgeable about what was transpiring.

Stalking on BART crescendoed thru the holidays. Then seemed to pause to gather its breath. Looks like the next chapter is begun . . .


Bob                    5:42 PM (18 hours ago) to LBattis

Who owns their radios? Know?

LBattis <lbattis@…>                    7:46 PM (16 hours ago) to Bob, Leuren

Yeah, It's a Silo. Quite a vertical integration. We start with MUNI, that's S.F. City & County. The Bay Area Regional Transportation District is State. They are integrated with each other and into the Emergency Response Network by their function and size. That ties them into FEMA -> Homeland Security.

One Ring to Rule Them All

   One Ring to Bind Them

One Ring to Bring Them All

   And In the Darkness, Bind Them

That Ring's formal name is INMARSAT; the integrated satellite communications grid that ties the SOCOM's into firm Command and Control of the civilian sectors.

The size of any problem in the BART or MUNI systems will be defined by what level of Command and Control, deigns to deal with it.

LBattis <lbattis@…>                   7:51 PM (16 hours ago) to Bob, Leuren

I also have realized that the higher we go up the ladder, the likelier they are to be creating the problem that their own lower echelons are 'dealing' with.

Bob                    5:42 PM (18 hours ago) to LBattis

Yea,... and they love to "deal" like the vultures they are.

Leuren Moret                    8:49 PM (15 hours ago) to Bob, me

INMARSAT is very interesting and controlled the response to the Malaysia 370 disappearance - dragging it into the Indian Ocean to sabotage recovery of the plane and the weapons evidence.  I am attaching a declassified CIA doc from 1976 when it was being set up.  

Europe thought it was for them but the bankers loaned the money and they wanted it global for their own dark purposes (control) - but they needed a consortium of countries to pay for it. (see CIA doc attached)  It was used first to track maritime shipping traffic and later on Flight 370 was staged (False Flag) for multiple purposes but one of the important ones is to put all of the commercial airplane traffic on it - for total control from London headquarters.  Now it is greatly expanded.  

Take a look at our website LeurenMoret.info and click on "Currents" You will find my 2 interviews on Flight 370 that are global now and really kicking ass.  Here is a paragraph from AsianTimes by a guy named Hu (MIT) who was bashing me for several years.  Now he includes me in his media analyses of the biggest World networks covering Flight 370 and he's a whole lot more careful:

Leuren Moret, that Fukushima radiation “expert” that blames the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster on a CIA HAARP attack by the CIA believes the plane was shot down by that new US Navy laser beam. Iran’s PressTV has recognized Moret as a scientific expert who tells the “truth about nuclear pollution being used for depopulation by the Zionist Anglo American Economic Empire”. You be the judge if this is information or disinformation, and if so, who she is trying to help or hinder.


OK back to INMARSAT.  On the website you can look at the documentation for the interviews on Flight 370 below the vids with deep info about INMARSAT.  We are updating the site so wait until tonight to read the documentation or check it in a few days for changes at the CNN foreshadowing at the very end of it.  It took me about 2 days after Flight 370 disappeared to figure out it was a false flag and that it was shot down (pulsed EMF weapon) by the US Navy.  You will love the documentation.  Attached is what INMARSAT is doing now with the satellite system - it's horrible.  FEMA, HOMELAND SEC, DOE, DOD etc. and the global satellite "library" is parked in a sat over Cameroons, Africa.  See link:


Take a look at the second attached doc "Carlyle Group".  That is what made me understand that the bankers are going to use INMARSAT to control every living thing on this planet and David Rockefeller's quote now has some traction:

"We are going to put everyone's (barcode) "money" on satellite and if they don't do what we want, their "account" will be turned off.  No one will be able to get any more out of the system than they put in.”

   Leuren Moret

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