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Geoffrey R. Pyatt, Field Marshal of Euromaidan

Video Biography of ‘our’ international man on-the-ground for the Kiev Putsch (18:27)


UnderSecState Victoria Newland + US Ambassador Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt

Geoffrey Pyatt, Ambassador to Ukraine, in conjunction with Undersecretary Nuland in D.C. shaped Maidan and brokered the events that led to the overthrow of the elected democratic government of Victor Yanukavich.

COMMENT:  Lohmann on March 13, 2015  ·  at 4:04 pm UTC

Fascinating. An excellent brief introduction to how things really operate behind the scenes.

Beautifully illustrates how easily a deep-state career politician can so easily manipulate historic events by playing on the human weaknesses of a few well-placed individuals. (Never let it be said that an individual can’t change the course of history, for good or ill.)

Also provides a clear example of how deep-state policy remains constant while “voters” in a “democracy” get to “legitimate” a nefarious system by being permitted to change the window dressing every election season.


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