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Islam Saydayev (political analyst, Chechnya): If Russian Tanks Went to Tbilisi in 2008, There Would be No Problem with Kiev Today                  Interview by Ayre,

ISIL, like any other terrorist group in the Middle East, will be always controlled by the Americans.

Most recently, Israel bombed Gaza with unprecedented cruelty killing hundreds of children, women and the elderly. ISIL has not even made a sound, because Israel is the key ally of the United States.

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Published October 1, 2014

Annotated by Laurens Battis

Islam Saydayev, a Chechen political analyst and journalist, was one of those who were called “Russia’s enemies” ten years ago. And he was: ardent separatist at the time when Jokhar Dudayev was the Chechen leader, one of the ideologists of “Ichkeria” (the independent Chechen state), and deputy head of the information center for the rebels. In 1999, he fled to Georgia, where he lived for almost ten years in close contact with the Georgian special services. He witnessed many dirty deeds and even wrote a book on the subject, "Muzzle the witness." He has radically changed his views since returning to Chechnya, where he works currently in the government, following the amnesty. It is a usual story in modern Chechnya. Former militants who laid down their arms are far more ardent Russian patriots today than, say, the Moscow "Parmesan" liberals. Chechnya has had to pass through two wars, to understand that no country, other than Russia, needs it.

Saydayev - one of those who were called “Russia’s enemies” ten years ago.

- “De jure and de facto Chechnya was independent five years between the two wars,” says Islam Saydayev. “We thought that after having separated from Russia, we would live as in Dubai. For five years we controlled the oil production and real money, only true patriots and religious leaders were in our government, and in all that time we did not build a single mosque not even mentioning the schools or hospitals. We had everything, even foreign sponsors, but we did not do anything except being at each other's throats. The open military confrontation began among us. Time has shown that we could not survive as a state outside of Russia.

Q:- That is, Russia has given you the law?

- You could say so. Believe me: if Russia leaves now Dagestan, a month later there will be a fierce civil war. And Dagestan or Tatarstan are naive thinking that they will survive without Russia. Leave Russia and seasoned swindlers, ordinary bandits, will come out of the shadows. But we have had enough of that. If the Caucasus could be self-sufficient, states would have appeared here years ago, when Russia was not even close. But only isolated tribes or small principalities unwilling to grow and to build a state lived here. In short, it was a complete lack of integration.

Q:- Why the Chechens fought against Russia after perestroika?

- It was the part of a big game. Someone tried to destroy Russia using Chechnya. All these people that appeared here, like Dudayev and Udugov, they were sponsored by such "patriots" from Moscow as Berezovsky. I too once believed in the independent Ichkeria and collaborated with NGOs, funded by the West. But this funding was conditional on the premise: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. They gave you money, but they wanted the results. Nobody said it directly: formally, we worked towards building up a democracy. While it was profitable, they called us patriots and sponsored. And when the game was over and the militants fled to the Pankisi Gorge (Georgia), they declared them terrorists and arrested. But it was a calculated move too.

For example, a gunman sits at Guantanamo, then he is released, and soon he commands a unit in Libya, as a fighter for "democracy" against "tyrant” Gaddafi. All those militants arrested by the Georgian, British and American intelligence agencies sooner or later emerge in Iraq, Syria, Libya, with a new legend, money, and the heroic past. This is the story of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the current caliph of terrorist ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). In 2005, he was arrested by Americans, and then, four years later, released for unknown reasons. For what purpose? To fight against Syrian President Assad. The same Movladi Udugov is now in Turkey and commands a Chechen unit fighting on the side of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. A good example is Omar Al-Shishani (“Shishani” means "Chechen" in Arabic.) This commander was born in the Pankisi Gorge (Georgia) and was trained by the Georgian special services. His mother is a Chechen and his father is a christian. He served in the Georgia’s special forces that were trained by American instructors. Then, he was jailed in the same Georgia to develop a good legend. Now, he is the commander of the largest ISIL unit, which consists entirely of people coming from the Caucasus. The unit conducts the most brutal and bloody operations in Syria and Iraq such as cutting off heads publicly. (Al-Shishani in Iraq is known as “redhead Chechen General”.) First, such people were called combatants fighting against the “tyranny” of Assad and now they are terrorists. They are armed and trained by the Americans. They could not beat Assad. They looked for an excuse, but chemical weapons were not found in Syria.

And now there is a reason – ISIL, which the Americans have created themselves. Now the entire world's media show horrific scenes of mass killings in Iraq, some of which are true, but the others are concocted to intimidate people. You need to finish off al-Assad. Showing large-scale massacres creates a pretext for an attack on Syria...!

ISIL, like any other terrorist group in the Middle East, will be always controlled by the Americans. This group may at any time and at any place create a pretext for an American invasion. Here is a telling example of their complete subordination to the Anglo-Saxons. Most recently, Israel bombed Gaza with unprecedented cruelty killing hundreds of children, women and the elderly. ISIL has not even made a sound, because Israel is the key ally of the United States. One would think that seeing how ruthlessly Muslims are killed in front of them, the ISIL gunmen would rush through the Palestinian tunnels to save their brothers in faith. They did not only do that, but not even express protest for the sake of decency. They have just kept silent.

Abu Omar al-Shishani nicknamed “redhead Chechen general” (without the mask) carries on today the word of truth in the ranks of fanatics of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Photo: EAAT NEWS

Q:- But, recently, the ISIL terrorists have stated that they would come to liberate Chechnya!

- Do you know why? To avenge the Chechen leadership for Chechen volunteers who fight in Ukraine on the Russian side. There are not many of them there, but it is a very significant moment. It's purely psychologically and morally depressing factor for the Ukrainians. The Georgians assured me that they lost the war in Abkhazia just because Shamil Basayev and his unit came to help the Abkhazians. Well, what can two hundred fighters do? It's not an army. But the reputation of Chechens as brave fighters contributed to their victory. In Ukraine, the Chechens do not fight against the Ukrainians. They fight against the American interests and against the Western ideology. They are not stupid guys. I know them. Men from my native village were killed when the convoy from the Donetsk airport was shot upon.

We have sympathy for the Ukrainian people, but no sympathy for the Ukrainian authorities. The Chechens are now experts in politics. Everyone understands that the Ukrainian Maidan has taken place on the order from the West, that it is the beginning of Russia’s collapse. And we, the Chechens, more than the Russians are afraid of the Russia’s collapse.

Q:- You are considered as an expert on the Western secret services. What mistakes do you think Russia has made in Ukraine?

- Remember how all Russian media at once shouted that the West wanted to draw Russia into the war with Ukraine? It was an absolutely clear CIA disinformation campaign to induce Russia to "hit the brakes," and all local patrioteers bought into this provocation. There was a military coup in Ukraine, and the legitimate president Yanukovych fled to Russia. Russia had every rightful reason to enter into Ukraine (by the way, then a CIS member) and to restore the legitimate authority. And nobody would “yap” when the troops would have stood on the Dnieper. It just had to be done immediately and decisively. When we took the Crimea, the Americans stood by and watched what the Russians could do. That's when they realized that we would do nothing, they became arrogant. Sanctions are only a consequence of our indecisiveness.

Yes, we are drawn into wars all the time and we win. What reason did we have to believe that we went into this confrontation and lost? We did not lose either in Ossetia, or in the Crimea. I was in Georgia, when the Russian troops came to Tbilisi. All leadership fled to the Turkish border. There were jams on the roads. Tbilisi was empty. Everyone telephoned Bush hysterically, and he said, okay, let the Russians to decide what to do. The Chechen battalion "Vostok" was just ten kilometers away from the center of Tbilisi. By the way, the people there were not opposed to the Russian entry. They have had enough of all that. They needed to sell wine and tangerines, and not to talk about democracy. I'm not talking about the politicians, the elite, about 15 percent who are fed with the American funds.

All those who then gave the order to retreat from Tbilisi, should be locked up. There would be no problems with Ukraine today, if we completed the job in Georgia. Because we did not finish off that hotbed of hatred, it spread to Ukraine, where, incidentally, Georgian volunteers are now fighting on the Ukrainian side. There were pro-Russian groups in Georgia who asked for help. But Moscow placed its bets on other people such as a completely westernized Ivanishvili. It reasoned this way: Well, this is our oligarch because he has gotten his spoils from us. Again, we were wrong.

Q:- Why did you go back to Russia?

- Because Russia has changed. During the 1990s, Russia chose a pro-Western course. But I still had the idea, knocked in my head in the army, that America was our enemy. And, then, everything confirmed this idea. We were, in general, appropriately educated in our Soviet childhood. The Soviet rigid system contributed more to the preservation of our culture than the atmosphere of perestroika. Yeltsin allowed all-embracing permissiveness, theft, pornography, they wanted to denude our women. All this was wildly unpopular in Chechnya. And now nobody touches our culture. We can wear the national dress, to pray, to prohibit sexual programs on TV. We protect our values.

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Here is the conclusion of the interview, where the interviewer tries to make their guest ‘controversial’.

Q:- Can I ask a personal question? You do not drink, do not smoke, lead rather ascetic life. How did you manage to live ten years in wine-loving Georgia?

- (Laughs) Who has plenty in this world will have nothing in heavens. And the Prophet promised that the righteous will drink fine wine in the paradise.

Q:- Hence, you expect to get the 72 houris too?

- If there were ALREADY 72 houris on the earth, there would be nothing to get in the heaven. And, hence, a modest lifestyle, moderation in food, and four wives: what matters for a Muslim is not to have one too many.

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That went poorly. Get out Plan-B . . .


Boris Kagarlitsky, a political scientist: One must be able not only to win the war, but also the peace

- Well, so what if we took Tbilisi in 2008? What’s next? We would have to form a new government to run the country. Are you sure that the Georgians would accept it and not revolt? The Georgians overthrew the defeated Saakashvili themselves eventually. When the new government came to power in 2013, it was very friendly to Russia, but, alas, we lacked the vision to offer them such an inspiring program of cooperation at the time that would tear them away from the United States.

And we could too, probably, defend Yanukovych. But is it worthwhile to defend a president, even the most legitimate one, if he cannot defend himself? Do we need a helpless coward in power? Again, the question arises “what is next”? To be drawn in a full-fledged civil war? Thanks, but no thanks.

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Description of the successful interdiction to the intervention and the seeds of more Hegelian Dialectic from  this Vantage.

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